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" We understand the integral role data plays in the growth of business empires."

Accuintel is a market research solution focused on a holistic, strategically-driven approach to clients needs. All research, design and develop is executed within the company, allowing AccuIntel to push the envelope and produce unique, one-of-a-kind research information.

Science behind why our research works - there is research and there is applicable research!
Simplified information that applied right from day to day lives to complex decisions is what a good research methodology proves to be. At Accuintel Market Research we constantly strive for innovation in the techniques and the quality of analysis that goes into our data, because we are aware of the cascading impact that right and wrong information can have on a global level from overall businesses to people. Serving one of the most sensitive fields of data accumulation and analysis we understand that information travels & impact severy where; therefore we undertake this huge responsibility and cater to the provision of accurate, detailed research and data generation. When it comes to research and consulting, trust Accuintel to be your backbone!
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Customer Value

(What You Get From Us and More)

‘We scrutinize every aspect of your industry and apply our market expertise to provide a strategic roadmap’

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Manufacturing & Services Delivery Information
  • Top Global or Local Key Players – Production Analysis; Sales; Market Reach & Shares; Consumption; Import; Export; Gross Margins
  • Statistical Data
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Market Sizes; Market Trends; Spend Activity & Sales Strategies
  • Industry Mergers; Acquisitions & Consolidations
  • Territory Expansion
  • New Investment Feasibility

  • Application

    (How it Helps You)

    ‘We bring decisions to success with perfectly executed research reports’

  • Overcoming Market Apprehension
  • Products; Services Development; Design Enhancement
  • Technical & Scientific Know-How
  • Consumer Insights
  • Resource Management; Optimizing Capex, Opex & Increasing the Bottomline
  • Effective Competition Evaluation
  • Go-to-Market & Sales Strategies
  • Brand Building Blueprint
  • Risk Mitigation; Analysis & Disaster Management
  • To Tap Untapped Resource Potential and Territories
  • Entry & Exit Points
  • Expanding Growth Opportunities
  • Industries


    The area looks at the various global disruptive trends, bold predictions for the coming years in the overall financial sector.


    The AccuIntel team of healthcare research and medical devices offers in-depth research analysis, information and predictions.


    Heavy Electrical Industry is a very critical sector, serving to the requirements of energy sector & other diverse industries.


    Along with the other various publications, at AccuIntel we analyse conglomerates and different industries which provides company details, their area of operations, revenues, human resources, geographies, activities, crimes and more such interesting information for clients to benefit from. This area can help professionals especially in competitive analysis.


    AccuIntel has served clients with projects in over 60+ food and beverage categories, crossing information needs diving deeper into up-coming market potential, product development, policies and regulations, supply and demand chain, competitive game, consumer behavior, glocalization in this ever flourishing industry.


    The most rapidly transforming and innovating sector of Information Technology requires up-to-date research like no other sector. We at AccuIntel make sure that there is no compromise on the data or numbers as we do for all the other reports. The need for better security and streamlining of technologies ...

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    " We were struggling with keeping track of the ongoing market trends and due to the time we had to dedicate to the business. The team at AccuIntel helped us in understanding the demand of the contemporary market place. AccuIntel also helped us out in conceptualizing strategies which could be valuable in future to progress the business. Earlier, I used to come up with marketing strategies based on the latest values generated by our company but never got desired results out of them as that was not a holistic approach. That is where the experts of AccuIntel dedicatedly helped us with their in-depth surveys of the market to get accurate prediction of the progressive factors. "
    Clothing Company, CMO

    " The out of the box strategies of AccuIntel and the latest techniques shown to our organization has successfully boosted our business and we are grateful to them for the great after business service they provided. We literally got the positive results in minimum time. They have amazed us with their powerful management and analytical skill of understanding business. We must say that this type of result cannot be delivered if the organization does not run with a dedicated team of expert professionals who are adept with industry and market trends. We are highly impressed with the way the management interacted for the betterment of our company and business processes."
    Start up, CEO

    " I am usually not very extravagant about my appreciation but the way AccuIntel has taken care of the reports, truly deserves my praise. The executives are always there to take care of all our queries professionally. Whenever we have reached out to them with any questions or doubt about the reports and services, their team has always welcomed us with a helpful approach taking ownership and providing instant solutions. It was the first time we were purchasing a research project and we must state that we are happy with the way things turned out. And we would surely refer them to other fellow co-workers and industry professionals, so that they can also get the right accurate help to enhance their business growth."
    Transportation Company, Vice President

    "Our organization was on a verge to launch an exclusive concept, but for our ground work before-hand about the current situation of the market as we were skeptical whether the time is suitable for the product launch or not. The people of AccuIntel with all their understanding of business related strategies and techniques came up with organized reports. The management of our company was quite happy with their performance and presently we can’t think of any other better research arm but them."
    Construction Company, Chief Infrastructure Designer

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